Monday, June 29, 2009

Hot Day at the RC Field

You can tell it has been hot. We had a good turnout to seal our runway at our rc field and to do other things. I hope everyone is doing fine. We are excited about the first fab five baby that popped into this world today. Congratulations to Katie and Erik Mentzel.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Below are pictures from the 2009 Stillwell Family Reunion held at our place this past weekend. The fish were biting and we would have to say that Tucker Stillwell had to be the winner of the fishing contest (if we had one). He fished the longest, the hardest and caught the most as well as the largest in size and quantity. He is the grandson of Jim and Patty Stillwell from Henderson, Tx. Tucker lives in Tyler, Tx and will be a freshmen next year. This was the largest family reunion we have ever had and the most fun for all. We really have some real fishermen in the Stillwell family.
Tucker Stillwell and a catfish he caught

Maddie, Kevin, Herman, Kelly, Seth and Ronal