Saturday, October 10, 2009

This is my vette engine that had to be rebuilt.

This is the engine on the hoist right before I got it back into the car.
A few weeks ago, I took my '64 vette to a car show in Ashdown. While I was there, I figured out that the engine was about to give way. A decision was made to go home, get the trailer and haul the car back home. This is a numbers matching car and I didn't want to do anything that would change that. The engine has been rebuilt now and I worked today getting it put back into the car. It was a job that needed two people really, but I managed to do it on my own. Hopefully, in the next week, I will have this car back on the road.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Meet Ron and Barbara Morrow

Ron Kurtz with Paul and Beverly Tye

Ron and Barbara Morrow and Beverly Tye

A couple of weeks ago, we had a party for a few close friends of Ron Morrow to meet his new wife, Barbara. As you can tell from the pictures, we had a great time. We had a special treat to have Ron and Pam Kurtz to come all the way from Dallas. Don't tell Cathy I had my arm around Pam McDaniel. ha I take every chance I get to hug a pretty woman. Cathy and Melanie out did themselves on the food. Hope you get to meet Barbara real soon.